I’ll kick things off by re-posting my 10 tips/reasons for pairing cheese with beer.


1. Beer is a much better pairing for cheese than wine could ever be. Beer has carbonation to cut through the fat and a much wider range of flavours than in wine so its possible to both contrast or complement the cheeses, sometimes both at once!

2. Wine can still work well with cheese, even beating beer on occasion, but that’s perhaps because the choice of beer wasn’t quite right.

3. Session beers don’t often stand up to cheese, there needs to be some alcohol in there.

4.  Blue cheeses work well with dark beers, umami-tastic!

5. Often cheeses and beers from the same country/region produce the best matches.

6. The most fun to have with cheese and beer is to just experiment. Buy four or five different cheeses, a selection of beers and try a bit of each with each, find out what you like.

7. Everyone has a different palate, what might be amazing to one could be anathema to another.

8. Cheddar works well with most beers, if in doubt get the best you can afford and have a go.

9. Quality really does matter

10. If you don’t like cheese there’s no helping you!